Worth the Wait

If we remain faithless, He remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.   2 Timothy 2:13 NASB

Each new sunrise is a new day and you never know what that day will bring. I think of flowering plants when they are beginning to bud and then blossom. Each day there is so much change that occurs. I love walking around my yard and looking at the flowering bushes and seeing the changes that happen overnight. A flower that was barely even a bud one day can be in full bloom the next.

Last year I found some flowers growing in the wild and decided they needed to be moved to my new flowerbed. There were four nice size plants and they had the most beautiful orange and yellow flowers. At the end of the season, the plants died and my mom told me to crumble the dried heads of the flowers into my hands, scatter the “crumblys” in the bed, and more plants would grow the next year. I was a little skeptical, but I did it. Once spring got here I watched my flower bed, not even sure the difference between a weed and a flower. After a while, everything in the bed looked the same and it was getting thick. I came to the conclusion that these were indeed the flowers. I just had to leave them alone and let them come into full bloom when it was time.

I watched these flowers from seeds all the way until they were mature plants. Now they are producing the most beautiful bed of blooms I’ve had yet. From the time the seeds were planted, to the time they sprouted, until the time they bloomed has been almost a whole year. That was a long time to wait and see if things would actually turn out the way I hoped, but I was pleasantly surprised.

You, too, are planting seeds in your life right now and you aren’t sure if things will turn out like they need to in the future or not. Some days all you can hold onto is the fact that you are doing all of the right things. Eventually, down the road from now, you will know exactly what the blooms of all these seeds look like in your life, but until then, the growth process just takes time. My seeds laid dormant for several months before I ever saw a plant break the ground. Keep doing the things you know are Godly and right. Keep seeking Him. Keep praying. Keep working on communication. Keep loving one another. Keep forgiving and opening your heart up. Keep trusting that God is big enough. The seeds will sprout in given time. Just remember that He is faithful.

God, I get discouraged sometimes because I’m working so hard to live right and I feel like life is just blowing up in my face. Sometimes I question if it’s even worth it; or is it just a waste of time? Please teach me to depend on You and to daily implement all You are teaching me. Remind me that I may not see the results immediately, but I must have faith that you are growing these seeds of faith inside of my heart. Don’t let me believe the lie that it’s a waste of time. Give me hope; hope in You.

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