I Want to be Changed

The life we know is normal. Our secrets, addictions, dysfunction-all of these things are completely normal. It’s what we know. We may hate it with a passion but it’s comfortable. We know how to maneuver through the drama and the issues without sinking. We have responses and reactions we have done again and again. Even. Though. We. Hate. Them.

Then there is the life we want. It’s a place where we wake up and everything is automatically different. We are happy and no longer trapped. We are free and the chains that have kept us in bondage are cut loose and gone.

But how do we cross that bridge? How do we go from a place of bondage to a life a freedom? We desperately want to be on the other side, desperately want redemption; but it always seems to be someone else’s time to receive it. We beg God for a chance to experience the newness of life, to wipe our slate clean, to make all of the pain go away; but He never does. Does He even hear us when we cry out to him?

He hears us. He hears YOU. But we don’t just wake up one day and everything is different; we have to want it. It’s just like in school when we had to work on those dreaded transition sentences in English class; we have to transition from our old life into the new.

Transitioning is the hard part. It takes concentrated effort. It’s a lot of hard work. Everything is new and scary. Our automatic responses don’t work anymore. It’s a world of unknown actions, reactions and responses; but we can never make it from the old to the new without a period of transition.

This is a time where God is deleting old patterns of behavior and helping us replace them with new ones. It won’t just happen! We have to be 100% sold out to Jesus and at a place of total humility and dependence upon him (see the article title True Repentance for more on this). The transition may take 6 months or it may take five years, but we have to be willing to do WHATEVER it is that God is asking of us. We may have to end relationships or change jobs in order to get out of the environment we have always been in. We may have to change our routes to work or stop going to certain stores or places. If we truly want change we have to leave our excuses at the door and be willing to give it all up in order to gain the life that Jesus so desperately wants us to have.

Are you truly ready to change? Are you willing to put in the hard work? Are you willing to stop blaming and making excuses? Are you all in? If you aren’t, then you really don’t want to change. But if you are, you will go to every length possible to be free from your bondage. Jesus is your only hope. Take his hand and let him lead the way.

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